bakerMEDIA was started by me (Alan Baker) in 1995 offering desktop publishing services along with some technical support for the people using our DTP services. As time went on, I realized that I got more satisfaction from supporting people in using their systems than I got from desktop publishing, and so the focus shifted to technical support, while still doing some DTP work for long-time clients.  Given the relative longevity and low maintenance requirements of most Apple products, I’ve been able to focus on long-term planning and maximum ROI for my clients.

I’ve been working with Apple and Mac systems for about 30 years, and integrating Apple desktops, servers and mobile with other systems has always been part of that work.  I’m Apple-focused, but not Apple-exclusive.

With the explosion in interest in the Internet and the World Wide Web (Fun fact: “World Wide Web” is shorter to say than its acronym, “double-u, double-u, double-u”), Bill Arab was brought in for his experience building and maintaining websites starting from the days when you had to chisel each page from the raw pixels.  As content and functionality expectations grew, Bill became an enthusiastic user of many Content Management Systems. Lately, he’s been doing a lot of site realisation and integration, and conversion of sites to mobile-friendly or mobile-first layouts.

Bill also has decades of experience doing desktop and small network support for Windows, Mac and Linux, and as a trusted technical advisor to small business.

Our expertise is supplemented by a network of experienced specialists in most areas of business technology and the technology business.

You might find this site smaller and less marketing-intensive than you expect.  This is intentional. The majority of our work comes by way of personal referrals from clients and those who have worked with us. This site is simply a point of contact, so that we can discuss your technical requirements with you personally.  Please send us a message using the form below.   We’ll get back to you quickly.

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